Our Role


Our role is to support you with proven creative and comprehensive solutions for your settlement issues. Once a structured settlement has been placed, we prepare the necessary documentation as required by Canada Revenue Agency, Taxation Department.

Our Services Include:

  • Confirmation of structure purchase letter to all parties
  • Precedent Judgment/ Order and Full and Final Release for structured settlements
  • Review your documentation to ensure that it complies with the tax-free requirements set by Canada Revenue Agency
  • If required, an Advance Income Tax Ruling in coordination with Canada Revenue Agency
  • We provide the Casualty Insurer with our Structure Report, which outlines the settlement details for ease of reference and reporting.
  • If required, Assignment and Assumption Agreements for execution and disbursement.
  • Our Corporate Guarantee that we will act as liaison between the client and the Life Company for the management of the annuity for its duration, free of charge; and
  • When all requirements are met, we distribute completed annuity contracts to all parties involved.

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